When world's best riders meet the Longines Speed Challenge (V.O.)
19 janvier 2017 Hong Kong

The Longines Speed Challenge has become a classic. Considered a veritable world championship, crowning the fastest rider competing in the events that span the three continents of the Longines Masters Series, it has become the most thrilling and spectacular competition of the weekend. Faults are penalized less than in other competitions - 2 seconds instead of 4 - which in turn pushes the riders to give it their all and creates a never-before-seen atmosphere in this sport.

Designed by Uliano Vezzani, the Season II course is the same for all three legs of the Longines Masters, allowing riders a unique opportunity to improve their skills in the hope of becoming the fastest rider in the world! The great innovation? Five obstacles arranged in octagonal form and placed in the middle of the track - a course that causes quite a stir! For the inauguration of the new season in Los Angeles, Egyptian Nayel Nassar surprised everyone and set the bar high by beating the best riders in the world.

In Paris, it was the French rider Kevin Staut, in front of his home crowd, who broke the record, but the leader of the French team reproached himself “for having ridden the first part of the course badly.” Does that mean he could go faster in Hong Kong? The story now continues!