Rediscover the equestrian world
Become a member of an exceptional club.
For over a decade, EEM has been dedicated to putting equestrian competitions at the forefront of international sports. 

EEM has created a new way to experience its world-class show jumping competition, EEM Society, the first membership club for the new generation of equine enthusiasts. EEM Society is a blend of luxury, glamor, networking and lifestyle in the heart of the sport. 

Discover our offers of three levels of hospitality where we look after every detail and become a privileged member of a unique club on three continents: Europe, Asia and North America.

With EEM Society, we inspire your passion

With EEM Society, we inspire your passion.

June 18 21, 2020Lausanne

Enjoy an outstanding 3-course gastronomic menu with impeccable service and unrivalled view over the main arena.

As a member of EEM Society, you will be recognized as partner of the Masters Series and will contribute to the ongoing development of equestrian sports at the highest level.

Two membership options open up a world of unique experiences
What member do you want to be ?


The BLUE membership is the first level to access the international show- jumping competitions while appreciating gastronomic cuisine with a table for 6 guests for 4 sessions.

The menu is created exclusively and will be paired with a selection of refined wines and champagnes.

› 4 sessions
› 6 guests per session

10 950€ VAT Excl.

The BLACK membership offers a table in a prime location paired with gastronomic cuisine with an exceptional view on the international competition ring.

Centrally located in the EEM Society, it is the perfect place to meet equestrian athletes, key players in the equestrian world, VIPs, business angels and socialites in an exclusive setting.

The tables for 8 guests can be reserved for all 4 sessions allowing you to accommodate 32 guests throughout three days.

The BLACK partnership offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy the international show-jumping competitions, while appreciating a gastronomic menu.

› 4 sessions
› 8 guests per session

14595€ VAT. Exc.