Longines Masters of Hong Kong

February 14 16, 2020


The Prestige Village of Hong Kong will host an expanded equestrian corner with more than 60 pop up stores from brands and from around the world.

In addition to the large selection of interactive pop-up stores and gourmet food outlets, special activities, demonstrations and workshops will be organized throughout the event with one goal in mind; to educate, entertain and have a good time! 

Youth activities

The Longines Masters of Hong Kong is truly a family affair and across the weekend the future generation of equine enthusiasts have their very own, tailor-made series of events, fun and games laid out within the Prestige Village. 

Hobby Horse

Children can immerse themselves in the world of equestrian sports with their very own hobby horse. The Kids Corner welcomes all kids, with tables and assorted equipment to help them to decorate their trusty steed, then they can take to their own track to practice running and jumping with their new friend. If they feel up to it, they can even partake in the Hobby Horse Competition with other children in their age group with a guest celebrity judge.

A safe and exciting way for these young fans to join in the excitement.


Sign up for it here! (Hyperlink once we get link)

The paddock

The Prestige Village will also offer audience members unparalleled access to the sport with The Paddock, a warm up area situated right in the center of The Village. Equine enthusiasts and aspiring riders alike will be able to observe world-class athletes train from just a few feet away.

Food & Beverage

Visitors can indulge themselves in delicious gourmet food. With a large selection of food outlets from acclaimed chefs and restaurants, ranging from Italian delicacies to premium gelato, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.