Longines Masters of Lausanne
June 18 21, 2020
Place Bellerive

Masters Power

Six Bars - Walk the Course open to the public
  • Masters 1
  • Progessive
  • 20 000€
  • Main arena
  • Day session
  • Saturday 22 June 2019
  • 1:50 PMSport
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“Higher and higher”. Could that be EEM’s motto as the very principle of this ‘high jump’ event. Called “Six Bars” … six vertical obstacles two strides away, whose height is increased with each clear round. On the Longines Masters competition track, four vertical obstacles are aligned for an exciting show: remember Paris in 2017, with the last bar reaching 2m. 

Far below what a horse is capable of since the world record dating back to 1949 was of 2.47m. And said horse was no other than the small 1.68m Chilean thoroughbred named “Huaso”. Thus, in order to win the Masters Power, you have to jump higher and higher.  Power and entertainment guaranteed!

All the riders reaching 2m can win an exceptional 10 000€ bonus!