Longines Masters of Lausanne
June 18 21, 2020
Place Bellerive

Accumulator Masters Two Devialet 1.35m

Accumulator with Joker
  • Masters 2
  • 1.35m
  • 5 000€
  • Main arena
  • Day session
  • Sunday 23 June 2019
  • 8:30 AMSport
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Last day of competition for the Masters Two riders, riding in an Accumulator class with Joker over 1.35m fences. This Competition takes place obstacles with an increasing difficulty. The increasing difficulty is not solely due to the height and spread of the obstacles, but also to the difficulty of the track. Bonus points are awarded as follows: one point for obstacle number one not knocked down, two points for number two, three points for number three, etc. with a total of 21, 36 or 55 points. The last obstacle of the course, called the 'Joker' must be more difficult than the alternative obstacle and carry double points. If the Joker is knocked down, these points are deducted from the total points obtained so far by the rider.

This class is presented by Devialet