Discover the 1st ever in Asia Hobby Horse Competition

Hong Kong
  • Friday 11 January 2019
  • 2:00 PMPrestige Village
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The 1st ever in Asia Hobby Horse Competition for children will take place during the Longines Masters of Hong Kong in the Prestige Village. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for kids to experience the excitement of the competition. Children will have access to the Hobby Horse activity in the kids zone throughout the event however the competition will only occur once.

Children can purchase a Hobby Horse stick from the allocation given to Save the Children or from the EEM Merchandising booth to decorate and play with. Save the Children and Kids’ Gallery will help children to decorate the horses in the Kids Club. Children can practice running and jumping with their Hobby Horses using the track adjacent to the Kids Club.

Children must get registered by their parents and share an email address to send any pictures and a digital certificate to. Sign up is available in advance and at the event. Children will be requested to get into age groups.

Mini obstacles are placed around the track and each child has one attempt to go around the track and make all the jumps in the quickest time. Following the same rules as the Longines Speed Challenge. Kids are taught the same rules as the adult version. First, second and third place riders stand in order.