Caroline Ratigan strikes again in the Masters Three of the Longines Masters of Lausanne!

  • Saturday 22 June 2019
  • 10:44 AMSport
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What a week for Ken Burkley's American riders, and even more so for Caroline Ratigan! After winning the opening event on Thursday, she was on the second and third steps of the Masters Three Stud For Life podium yesterday, and today she's back on top in this morning's Masters Three Asia Horse Week. Ratigan qualified her two mares, Gallicia and Diola, for the jump-off, ultimately taking the lead with Gallicia. Her plan: keep it up all the way to the end!

It's great. It's like beyond anything I'd ever expected. It's really exciting, I love this show. I want to thank Ken Burkley for getting me here. I wouldn't be here without him for sure, and my mother too. I did not expect to have this much success with Gallicia. Ken told me that we'd find a horse when we came over here. He said he'd get us a good one but this is beyond anything I ever could have expected and I'm just really thankful. Without him, I would not have done this turn in the jump-off, I wouldn't have been brave enough to do that, but he's always there telling me what to do. Ken is the best trainer in the world!