Laureen Budde: the win she needed!

  • Sunday 23 June 2019
  • 12:30 PMSport
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There were no less than 13 out of the 26 starters in the Masters Two Grand Prix Prestige Italia (50% went clear!), making Laureen's victory all the more impressive. In the end, she had 1.66 seconds on the young Melanie Cloarec of France with her 11-year-old Umea from Pleville, and 2.09 seconds on American Sophie Gochman aboard 12-year-old Carola BH. In conclusion, it is an indisputable win for the young German in a class where the leading eight riders were women!

The young German, Laureen Budde, has made her mark in the first Longines Masters of Lausanne. After a bit of a rocky start to the week, where luck seemed to evade them, they managed to capture a win today. And what a win it was. 

"In fact, I didn't have a good result until Sunday, but it was worth the wait because it's the Grand Prix! Im so happy...Gosbodino is 16-years-old and of those years he's been my partner for eight. He's not only my best teammate but my best friend. I can trust him. When I make a mistake he knows exactly what to do. So I can take risks because he always has the right answer in a jam and never lets me down. In three weeks I'll be doing the U25 in Aachen so this win was the best thing for my confidence going into that. This is my last U25 year, but I hope I will continue to progress on such amazing shows like this one, in Lausanne, where the public is the best and the organization is perfect," said Budde.