Masters Two Devialet: Mimi Gochman gives us an encore!

  • Sunday 23 June 2019
  • 8:00 AMSport
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This week, the Masters Two and Three has favored the American riders all the way until the end! This is the second win for Mimi Gochman and Street Hassle BH. The Americans came in a force to the Longines Masters of Lausanne, and for the Gochman's it was a family trip. Mimi came with her sister, Sophie, who was second in the Masters Two - on Friday, which Mimi won.

I'm so honored to win twice, the weather is amazing, the scenery is amazing, it's so fun, the horses are enjoying it, I'm enjoying it. It's just an honor to be here and I'm enjoying everything about it. Street Hassle BH always game. I got him from the Whitaker family, he was showing here in Europe and my trainer found him and brought him to the U.S. He's very fun to ride, he turns very quickly, he's always very speedy, he's game and he jumps everything. He's just so fun to ride I love him.”