Ireland's John McEntee at full speed in the Lami-Cell Pony Masters

  • Saturday 07 December 2019
  • 5:00 PMSport
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In this opening class of the very first Pony Masters at the Longines Masters of Paris, one of the fastest riders on the pony circuit, team European champion John McEntee didn't disappoint. On Saturday afternoon, he won the speed class Lami-Cell Pony Masters with Carrickaduff Pet with the fastest clear  in 51’’59. "It's very good to win the first pony class at the Longines Masters of Paris. I haven't had Carrickaduff Pet that long but it's a very good pony", commented the 16-year-old Irish rider/ "It's my last year on ponies, then I'll move on to horses. I already ride a few horses: I'm ready!"  John McEntee is definitely one to watch for the future!

The European elite of pony riders, aged 12 to 16, have gathered at the Longines Masters of Paris for the first Pony Masters and the podium of the Lami - Cell Pony Masters reflects this international flavor. Indeed, second place goes to The Netherlands' Pam Nieuwenhuis, clear iin 53’’17 with Zeppe van de Ijsseldijk and Britain's Shaunie Greig is also clear in 53’’88 aboard Casino Royale for third. The home side takes fourth and fifth spots with Jeanne Hirel on Vedouz de Nestin just ahead of Ilona Mezzadri on Ken van Orchid.