Masters Insider : Agnes Yu, event director of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong

  • Monday 11 May 2020
  • 6:00 AMLongines Masters Series
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This week in Masters Insider, we are going to meet Agnès Yu, a key player and director of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong. More than a sporting event, the Longines Masters of Hong Kong brings together the greatest professionals and enthusiasts of equestrian sport. All people who share the same passion for riding. Agnès Yu shares the challenges and impact of such an event. She expresses her pleasure in working for the Longines Masters and explains how much the excellence of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong is down to its very active community. Between problems, challenges and evolution, Agnès shares her experience as a director of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong.


“I’m Agnes Yu, the Event Director of Longines Masters of Hong Kong.My role is to coordinate with every single team to make sure the event is successful from sport and competition team, production, hospitality, entertainment and communications.

I’m in charge of Asia’s biggest horse transport and the reception of the top riders to Hong Kong. At the same time, I make sure that we have the best floral decorations, the best food and beverage for the event.

The obvious challenge of running the Longines Masters events, is that we have very high expectations from our visitors, partners and riders, as we have been very successful in the past event. Especially for Longines Masters of Hong Kong as we are the only 5* indoor show jumping competition in the whole Asia. We literally set the base for ourselves.

We have also given ourselves a mission: to develop the sport for the younger generation in Asia. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Asian junior programme is a good example.

The fun part of working for Longines Masters event, is that it is not only a top sport competition but is also a top social event, we bring in lifestyle elements to the event. We have got the opportunity to work with the world’s top luxury and lifestyles group as Hermes, Riva or Macey and Sons. This great combination allows us to be creative and innovate in the sport event like ours.

Something you might not know about Longines Masters of Hong Kong: we have a very active community. Over the years, we have gathered a group of equestrian professionals, horse lovers, Longines Masters fans. This community grow years after years. And they constantly give us some feedbacks and ideas of what we can do better in the coming editions. For example, we have this fan who come to Longines Masters of Hong Kong, every year since the beginning in 2013. Every year he will write back to us, with his firsthand feedback and his appreciations and ideas that we could integrate in the coming editions.

This link to the community is very precious to us. So, if you have any ideas and comments please come to us and we really appreciate that.”