Masters Insider : Alix Morillo

  • Tuesday 21 April 2020
  • 6:30 AMLongines Masters Series
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Every week, we’ll meet Longines Masters’ players and learn about their experiences through exclusive interviews. In this first edition of the Masters Insider, the young influencer Alix Morillo, aka @mes.poneys.magiques, looks back on her experience within the Masters Community which was launched in 2019 at the Longines Masters of Paris. EEM wanted to deepen the interaction between the Longines Masters and young passionate social media rider influencers, in order to develop a connected equestrian community. Along with a group of 10 female influencers, Alix Morillo was able to experience exceptional moments, enriching encounters and informative exchanges thanks to some events that were initiated by EEM before, during and after the Longines Masters of Paris.

"Hi everyone, this is Alix Morillo from @mes.poneys.magiques, I hope you’re doing great.

I’m very excited to join the Longines Masters story, to tell you about the experience I had thanks to the Longines Master Community: a group of young girls, like me, who are influential on social media in the equestrian world, who were invited to spend a day at the Longines Masters of Paris, to have an unforgettable experience and extraordinary encounters.

We had the chance to eat alongside 5* rider Thierry Rozier. It was a remarkably interesting and constructive meeting that allowed us to exchange ideas.

We then went for a course walk of the Masters Power event in the prestigious Villepinte arena alongside Thierry Rozier, who shared some great advice with us: how to approach this event, how it’s run, and how to ride it.

We were also able to visit the 5* horses’ stable and see these top-level horses up close.

This was followed by a meeting with all the girls of the Masters Community and their followers, and a visit to the stands and partners of the Longines Masters of Paris.

I found this project extremely rewarding. It allows girls like us to spend a whole day with the world's best riders, the best 5* horses and to see the behind-the-scenes of international and high-level competitions. It makes you dream, it's really, "Wow", it makes your eyes sparkle.

I shared all this with my community on Instagram and other social networks. It allowed us to show our followers our experience and what we'd seen, to allow them to discover this world up close and to see how an event of the level of the Longines Masters is run."