Pros’ advice – Pieter Devos

  • Monday 06 April 2020
  • 6:00 AMSport
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In these uncertain times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Studforlife offers you a tour of the different methods and techniques riders are using to keep their horses in shape.

In this new episode, World No. 4 Pieter Devos explains his daily life, which has been turned upside down, particularly regarding the family fruit and vegetable business. In order to meet the massive demand, the work is substantial. Not to mention that the European Team Champion broke his hand in Doha and is therefore riding less than usual.

With the postponement of the Olympic Games having been announced, the pressure has obviously eased up on riders: "The horses are worked every day and as we’ve been lucky with the good weather these days, they go to the field every day. They also do a lot of riding, especially in our fruit tree plantations. We continue to work them on the flat. In my opinion, this break will last a while, so it's important that they stay in a good routine by jumping regularly. We plan to have jumping sessions about once a week. We prefer small gymnastic exercises, because for the moment, we won't be asking for a lot of effort. For me, it's very important for their morale that they go for a hack, but not only during this period. It has always been a point of honor for me that my horses go outside a lot."

Pieter Devos on Apart (Larino)

The management of the star horses of the Devos stable is therefore a little lighter: "Usually, Grand Prix horses are ridden on the flat in the morning and go for a hack in the afternoon. But right now we aren’t riding them twice a day. They are ridden alternately on a hack or on the flat and they go to the field in the afternoon. We also let them rest. "I never jump high at home; I think it's important to keep the horses fresh and in a good mindset. Don't ask them to do exercises that are too difficult, don't complicate things unnecessarily."

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