Enjoy the CASHLESS experience

Simple and fast payments
A card to pay without contact your purchases at the bars and restaurants and at the Longines Masters boutique.

A controlled budget
You credit your card in the amount of your choice. You re-credit your card at any time (only with an account).

I create / I connect to my account
Access to my account
You can use cashless with or without account creation
Why create an account
  • Fast reloading

    The account allows you to register your credit card to recharge in one click your card of the amount of your choice. This saves you from waiting for cashless banks in the event of a rush.

  • History of your purchases

    At any time, you will be able to consult the balance and the history of your purchases.

  • Locking card

    In case of loss or theft, you can block your card via your account or by going directly to a cashless bank. Each cashless bank will provide you with a new card.

  • Automatic refunds

    Do you still have credit on your account? Get your money back with a simple click through your account or visit one of the cashless banks on site.

If you do not want to create an account  or fill in your personal details, you will still be able to enjoy the cashless. It will be enough to go to a cashless bank on the spot and exchange the amount of your choice against a cashless card. Cashless banks also allow you to recharge your card. However, this one will be anonymous. Therefore, in case of loss or theft, you will not be able to block your card or get a refund of your balance, these functions are only available if you have created an online account.
How does it works ?
  • I create my account on the website by filling in the number of my ticket
  • I get my card by going to one of the cashless banks located in the Longines Masters
  • I pay for my purchases bars, restaurants, Longines Masters shop
  • I can view & recharge by logging into my account
  • I get a refund for euros remaining on my card by logging into my account

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